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Professional Pool and Spa Service and Skilled Repairs in Richmond

If you are a Richmond homeowner or property manager looking for experienced hands in pool and spa service and maintenance, West Coast Pastines Inc. caters to all your needs.


From repairs for heater and pump malfunctions to plumbing issues, leaks and cracks, broken parts, blocked pipes and sanitization, our pool and spa professionals make a detailed assessment of the problem and approach every unique case with customized solutions.


We supply a comprehensive range of equipment, solar heaters and pool liners, and we source high-quality products to complete our task. Through deft fixes and quick parts replacements, we restore your valuable leisure investments to their best possible condition so that you can unwind safely and in style.


For complete pool care, discover our new equipment installations.

Versatile Service

For relaxed, uninterrupted leisure hours, you can count on our maintenance services including:

Custom pool and spa maintenance programs
Green pool/algae cleanups
Drain, clean and fills/acid washes
Professional pressure washing

We also assist you with a range of repairs including:

Pump repairs/overhauls
Filter services - chemical cleaning/sand replacement
Heater repairs/service/annual cleaning/tune ups
Spa repairs
Pool and spa leaks
Plumbing/piping leaks

Despite the diverse nature of our services, what remains consistent is our quality, speed of work and the friendliness of our crew. We ensure that the pool or spa on your property is clean and safe to use and that it retains its market benefit of increasing the real estate’s resale value.

view of hose and maintenance equipment

Schedule a Repair

Keep your pool looking and working great.

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